Logan County Public Safety Departments Purchase New Radio System


Kenwood USA Corp., Communications Sector, reports the sale of a new NEXEDGE® digital radio system for use initially by the Logan County, Ky. Sheriff’s Department. The new system is part of a three phase deployment which will be expanded to include local government, EMS and fire departments throughout the county.

  The first phase of the new system includes NEXEDGE mobile and portable radios, repeaters and a Zetron dispatch console. The purchase was made by the Logan County Fiscal Court in Russellville through a Homeland Security grant, augmented with additional local reserve funds.

  “We looked at two vendors and came up with the Kenwood NEXEDGE system because of the coverage,” stated Sheriff Wallace Whittaker with Logan County. Whittaker said that the decision became more critical after a fire chief was confronted at gun point and was unable to use his radio with the old analog system.

“Basically, this became an officer safety issue. Once we decided our system was outdated, we visited another county with the NEXEDGE system. We were talking 30 miles away to a portable in another part of their county, so that’s why we decided to choose NEXEDGE,” Whittaker continued.

Because funding was a concern, Logan County contacted the Homeland Security Department and a representative came to their office, heard about their coverage issues and its effect on officer safety, and agreed to help fund the new radio system.


Source: Kenwood U.S.A. Corp. Feb. 11 press release

Kenwood U.S.A. Corporation Communications Sector is a worldwide provider of mobile and portable radios and custom systems to public safety, government and commercial users as well as amateur radio equipment.  Founded in the United States in 1961, Kenwood U.S.A. is the largest sales subsidiary of Kenwood Corporation of Japan (founded 1946), which has 11 domestic and 22 subsidiaries around the world serving the needs of communications, home electronics and car entertainment customers. For detailed information, call Kenwood USA at 1-800-950-5005 or visit Kenwood at www.kenwoodusa.com.

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