Kirbyville High (Texas) Principal Takes Own Life in School Parking Lot After Resignation

The principal had just been confronted about an alleged affair he'd had with a secretary.
Published: May 31, 2017

A high school principal in Texas died by suicide in the school’s parking lot last week after a meeting with district officials in which he filed his resignation.

Police say Dennis Reeves fatally shot himself in his truck outside of Kirbyville High School May 23.

A former district employee recently told Kirbyville County Independent School District Superintendent Dr. Tommy Wallis that she’d had an affair with Reeves, prompting the meeting.

The former employee also said Reeves told her he would kill himself if the affair was ever discovered and try to make the suicide look like an accident so his family could collect life insurance.

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During the meeting, Dr. Wallis said the district would investigate the affair allegations and told Reeves he would be placed on administrative leave, reports The Eagle. Reeves denied the allegations.

Dr. Wallis reportedly told Reeves if the investigation showed he’d had an affair, he would be fired, but if Reeves resigned immediately there would be no investigation.

Reeves then told district officials he would resign and was escorted out of the school building. Five minutes later, Reeves returned to the building to return welding tools from the shop classroom and told Wallis twice that he was “not good.”

About 15 minutes later the school’s maintenance director was changing the locks on Reeve’s office when he noticed Reeve’s truck in the parking lot.

The director contacted Wallis, who called Kirbyville Police Chief Paul Brister around 5 p.m. Dr. Wallis also reported that Reeves had just resigned from his job and had a concealed carry permit.

Chief Brister and another officer responded to the scene and discovered Reeves dead.

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