Justin Bieber Bypasses School Security to Enter Prom

Justin Bieber crashed an L.A. Unified School District Prom last weekend.

Pop star Justin Bieber upset a Los Angeles school district when he crashed a high school prom April 24.

Bieber was recording on the same lot as the prom of Chatsworth High School in Los Angeles when he dropped by and danced with the star-struck students. But the L.A. Unified School District says Bieber forced his way through the door after assuring school administrators that he wouldn’t interfere with the prom. The district says Bieber’s entourage pushed past school security to get to the dance floor. There was also a concern of crowd control, according to BET.com.

Bieber’s representatives maintain that he was invited to the prom by some students. “It was awesome for all the kids,” the representatives say.

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