Jolly Rancher Lands 3rd Grader in Detention

WALLIS, Texas – The family of a third-grade student at Brazos Elementary School is outraged after the girl had to serve a one-week detention for have a single Jolly Rancher candy in her possession.

A teacher confiscated the unopened piece of candy from Leighann Adair, 10, after a friend handed it to her during lunch, reports Fox News. Adair and the friend served their detention during lunch and recess last week.

Additionally, the pair was told to write an essay about what they did and why it was wrong.

Despite the fact that Adair has never been in trouble before, school officials are standing by the punishment, citing that there is a strict no-gum, no-candy policy. Additionally, the superintendent for the Brazos Independent School District says that schools must comply with the state guidelines to limit the amount of junk food in schools.

However, there are no rules that require a school to punish a student for having junk food, according to the Texas Department of Agriculture. The department has sent a letter to the elementary school reminding staff that state policy does not outline such punishments.

Adair’s family and members of the community plan to attend the next school board meeting to dispute the school’s strict candy policy.

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