EMU Police to Wear Cameras Starting Next Year

The Eastern Michigan University Department of Public Safety plans to purchase 43 body-worn cameras to equip its officers and improve safety on campus.

The Eastern Michigan University Department of Public Safety is planning to outfit its officers with body-worn cameras beginning in early 2015.

The cameras will also be used by officers on foot patrol and bicycle patrol, as well as in conjunction with the department’s existing in-vehicle camera system, reports the Ypsilanti Courier. 

The university plans to purchase 43 cameras at a cost of $17,000. The documentation provided by the new equipment is expected to reduce service complaints, improves evidence management and increases the likelihood of a speedy resolution to investigations.

According to the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services, on-body video cameras often improves officer performance, as well as the conduct of subjects being recorded.

Only four other universities in the state currently use body worn cameras: University of Michigan-Flint, Northern Michigan University, Michigan Tech University and Baker College.

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