DePaul Univ. Orders Door Barricades for Classroom Security

The devices will help transform classrooms into ‘safe rooms’ in the event of a lockdown.

DePaul University in Chicago announced a $35,195 investment in door barricades Jan. 11.

The barricades will be installed on every classroom door in the Lincoln Park and Loop campuses during the second semester of this academic year.

The Nightlock Door Security Devices may be used if gunshots are heard or a lockdown is issued, reports Depaulia Online.

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The devices are readied when a person slips a piece of metal into existing metal installations on the bottom right corner of the door and floor. The metal will be kept on the side of professors’ desks in a plastic container.

Multiple students and professors expressed support for the plan.

The Public Safety Department released a video demonstrating how the door barricades would be used in the case of an emergency situation.

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