CS Launches Online Training Resource and Community for Campus Safety Trainers

Campus Safety HQ delivers action plans from leading experts on critical issues that help you train K-12 and higher education stakeholders how to respond to emergencies.
Published: February 27, 2017

When a crisis happens, would you know how to respond appropriately? What about your administrators, teachers, front office staff, custodians, food service personnel and bus drivers? Have you assessed, measured and validated your campus or district’s ability to respond?  These are just some of the questions that Campus Safety HQ can help you answer.

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Campus Safety HQ is a specially designed online training resource center from Campus Safety magazine that provides up-to-date training and information to help your campus or district face today’s safety and security challenges.

When you sign up for Campus Safety HQ, you will learn from world-renown campus emergency management, security and law enforcement experts on a wide variety of critical issues. Doing so will add realism to your training programs and develop buy-in from campus and community stakeholders so they take safety seriously.

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Whether you are a public safety official, security director, emergency manager, administrator or consultant, Campus Safety HQ’s growing library of Campus Safety Action Plans will help you conduct more meaningful, budget-friendly and frequent training for you and your organization. When you sign up for this training service, you will receive:

  • Action Plans designed to help you more effectively train school and university personnel and create a culture of safety and security on campus
  • Mobile and tablet-friendly streaming videos to use anywhere, anytime that add realism to your training programs
  • Supporting documents, templates and more
  • “Watch later” tool to help you mark what’s important

For example, Campus Safety HQ’s The First 30 Seconds series provides realistic, school-specific crisis scenarios, facilitator videos, staff training videos and assessment tools that use the powerful technique of mentally working through crisis situations. This video series will help your staff develop and draw from their base of knowledge to quickly respond when an actual emergency occurs.

“Our Action Plans and Resources continue to grow, as does our desire to consistently provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to create a safer campus,” says Mark Smith, executive vice president of EH Media, Campus Safety magazine’s parent company. “Be sure to check out all of these resources and frequently visit CampusSafetyHQ.com to access our latest releases.”

For more information on Campus Safety HQ, click here.

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