Colombian University Installs Turnstiles to Improve Access Control

The University of Antioquia uses the turnstiles at all six of its campus entrances.

The University of Antioquia in Colombia installed four Boon Edam Trilock-75 turnstiles to boost physical security on campus.

The university installed these turnstiles in each of the six entrances on campus. The turnstiles will help manage the 28,000 visitors that step foot on campus every day.

The Boon Edam Trilock-75 turnstiles feature an electro-mechanical meter, direction rotation sensor and other elements customized for the university, which enable one visitor to pass through every two seconds.

The turnstiles “are designed to handle high traffic robustly, which is important because sometimes protests and other high-volume gatherings occur inside the campus,” says Rubén Vélez, leader of the University of Antioquia’s Security Department in a previous statement. “In addition, they complied with the specifications of the public bid, such as how many users the equipment must handle per minute, the warranties and servicing periods.”

To pass through the turnstiles and enter campus, students, faculty and staff use a “TIP” (an RFID smart card or Tarjeta de Identificación Personal) to verify their identity.

Prior to the TIP cards, students, faculty and staff used paper cards to verify their identities with security staff.

“The basic requirements at the university were very clear: they wanted to control who entered the campus using the TIP, which was adopted by university authorities some years ago,” said Hueiman Montoya, from the security integrator company, Segurtec Limitada, in a previous statement. “They also work as a pass card for the Metro train system.”

The university also utilizes the access control software C•CURE9000, which integrates with the turnstiles. The software manages the access level of each TIP card and grants access through the turnstiles at each of the main entrances.

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