Ariz. Prisoner Escapes Hospital, Sparks Brief Manhunt

The prisoner managed to push past a hospital security officer to leave his hospital room.
Published: October 24, 2016

Authorities captured a man minutes after he escaped police custody inside a Scottsdale, Arizona hospital Oct. 21.

Salt River police say Rodolfo Avalos managed to get away from a hospital security officer and steal a car to flee the scene.

Avalos, 27, was in police custody Friday morning as he was being treated for an unspecified injury at an Honor Health medical facility.

Salt River Police Sgt. Ben Hoster says Avalos was handcuffed to a hospital bed and under the watch of a police officer and a security officer. At some point, the police officer left the room briefly and Avalos managed to get out of his restraints and push past the security officer to leave his hospital room, reports AZ Central.

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The suspect then carjacked a woman in a Lexus SUV at an intersection outside the hospital and took off. When a police officer attempted to stop the stolen car, Avalos ran a red light and was involved in a traffic collision.

The suspect was injured in the collision and taken back to the hospital by police to receive treatment.

Now Avalos faces multiple felony charges related to the escape. Avalos has a criminal history including burglary and vehicle-theft convictions.

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