Adelphi’s New College of Nursing Gets Clean Security Bill of Health

University implements video surveillance and identification card solutions to protect its massive new complex.
Published: November 14, 2016

One of the highlights of the 70th Year Anniversary of Adelphi’s School of Nursing was the Fall 2013 groundbreaking for a new building to house the newly renamed “Adelphi University College of Nursing and Public Health”.

With doors opened during the summer of 2016, the new LEED certified innovative Nexus Building and Welcome Center also known as the Center for Health Innovation is a state-of-the-art addition to the Adelphi University campus in Garden City, NY.  The L-shaped building houses the university’s College of Nursing and Public Heath, the Office of University Admissions, the Office of Alumni Relations, the Office of University Advancement, and Student Affairs- the Learning Center, the Writing Center, and the Office of Academic Services and Retention.

This massive 90,000 square foot 3-story building includes underground and topside parking for 300 vehicles, adding a level of convenience for students and staff. The building also contains high-tech laboratories and learning spaces, allowing students to gain a first-class education.

This modernly designed building also houses five seminar and conference rooms for classes and students/faculty. On the second floor of the Nexus Building, students will find the nursing instruction space that is used solely by nursing students and includes classrooms and ultramodern simulation labs.

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There are 10 examination rooms designed for different nursing scenarios including an intensive care room, a delivery room and even a “home care” room set up to look like a person’s home. Each exam room has a closed-circuit TV to observe the student’s performance. This innovative addition to the Adelphi University campus will surely provide its students with an optimal level of education, better preparing them for real-life scenarios within the medical field.

The entire campus spans 75 acres and currently has nearly 8,000 students from 43 states and 45 foreign countries enrolled at the University, making it imperative to continue implementing the right high-tech security solutions whenever an expansion takes place.

Adelphi’s Commitment to Security Spans Decades
Adelphi is a world-class, modern university with excellent and highly relevant undergraduate and graduate programs in College of Arts & Sciences, Derner Institute of Advanced Psychological Studies, Honors College, Robert B. Willumstad School of Business, Ruth S. Ammon School of Education, University College, College of Nursing and Public Health, and the School of Social Work.

With its main campus in Garden City, NY and its centers in Manhattan, Suffolk County, and Poughkeepsie; “Adelphi University is no stranger to security and has long been committed to maintaining a comprehensive safety and crime prevention program to help protect all members of the Adelphi community. With the assistance of our student, faculty and staff, and through the cooperative efforts of the Garden City community and local law enforcement agencies, this program has contributed to what we believe is an excellent record of safety since its inception in 1896,” states Gene Palma, Assistant Vice President of Public Safety & Transportation at Adelphi.

As a result, Adelphi University is currently listed as one of the top 50 safest colleges in the United States according to and 13th safest in New York State according to The university has built a solid reputation and position of strength when it comes to safety due to its proactive philosophy and building the right team of people around them that consists of security professionals and electronic security contractors that are true experts in the field.

One particular electronic security contractor – Idesco Corporation, a leading NYC security integrator has made quite an impact on the university over the years and has been the trusted security advisor/partner for almost a decade.

Adelphi has been working closely with Idesco for the past eight years and has built a solid relationship that has stood the test of time.  From its initial large-scale security project, where the university was looking for an experienced security integrator to handle an IP Video upgrade campus wide; the relationship evolved over the years and has reached new ground with the construction of the Nexus building.

Building Long-Term Relationship With Security Integrator
The relationship started back in 2008 when Idesco provided various ID badge printers and video cameras to the university.  In 2009, Robert Hughes, the Associate Director of Public Safety and Transportation at Adelphi had recommended that Idesco join in the bidding process for the IP video upgrade project at the campus.

After winning the bid due to their experience in the education market and seamlessly upgrading the campus to IP video while ensuring that the new video surveillance solution ran on the campus network successfully; Idesco proved to the university’s top administrators that they were the right choice and a valuable member of the Adelphi team for the long-term. The relationship evolved over the years where Adelphi looked to Idesco for guidance and “education” on the latest security technology available in the industry. In a world where new security technology is ever changing, Idesco was right by Adelphi’s side bringing the new technology to them.

When the university announced the new Nexus Building and started to break ground in 2013; there was no question on who should handle the implementation of the new CCTV security system.

Idesco once again rose to the occasion and provided over 50 state-of-the-art IP cameras (51 cameras in total but two units are 5 cameras in one) for the interior and exterior of the new Center of Health Innovation building.

“Idesco has been working with colleges and universities throughout the NYC area for over seven decades and continues to build long standing relationships that have stood the test of time like Adelphi,” states Andrew Schonzeit, President at Idesco Corp.

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