Adelphi University Rolls Out Mobile Command Unit

GARDEN CITY, N.Y.—There is a new vehicle patrolling Adelphi’s Garden City campus this semester. As part of the University’s commitment to safety and emergency preparedness, the Department of Public Safety and Transportation deployed its first Mobile Command Unit on Jan. 18, 2010.

“For students, faculty and staff to excel in the vibrant and challenging environment of an institution of higher learning, their safety, health and well-being must be assured,” said Gene Palma, executive director of Public Safety and Transportation. “Natural and manmade disasters can occur without warning; having life-safety training and the resources available for our first-responders is a necessity.”

The Mobile Command Unit allows Public Safety Officers to have all of the capabilities of the Adelphi Emergency Operations Center on a mobile platform. This means that the vehicle enables Adelphi to have emergency communication with the Nassau County Office of Emergency Management and the Nassau County Police and Fire Departments even during a power outage or the collapse of cell phone utilities.

“All Public Safety Officers receive extensive emergency preparedness training with federal, state and local first-responders. Public Safety Officers have also been trained by the Department of Homeland Security in emergency response and National Incident Management structure in order to deal with any crisis on a multiagency approach,” said Palma.

Many colleges and universities across the country are following Adelphi’s example and are investing in resources that will help their institutions to meet their security, emergency management and life-safety goals more effectively. “Like many campuses around the country that are experiencing growth, Adelphi is constantly exploring and engaging new state-of-the-art technology that will make our campus an even safer place,” added Palma.

This article was written by Adelphi University’s Joe Dujmovic.


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