9 Charged in Bullying of Classmate Who Committed Suicide

Authorities have arrested and charged nine teenagers who allegedly bullied a 15-year-old. The bullying was so bad that she took her own life Jan. 14.

Prosecutors say that the nine arrested stalked and harassed Phoebe Prince via text messaging and Facebook postings from September until she hanged herself in the stairwell of her family’s apartment.

Three of the individuals arrested are juveniles, and two have been charged with statutory rape. One of the suspects was allegedly jealous of Prince because she was going to attend a dance with a football player. (Article continues below.)

According to Northwestern District Attorney Elizabeth Scheibel, most of the bullying occurred on school grounds, and school officials knew about the harassment but no administrators or teachers will be charged with a crime.

On March 29, the South Hadley superintendent announced that the students involved in the alleged bullying have been expelled, according to Whdh.com.

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