2 Muslim Women Attacked at Separate Calif. Universities

Both say they were targeted because of their religion.

On Wednesday, two female Muslim students – one at San Jose State University and one at San Diego State University – were attacked by unidentified assailants, and both believe the attacks were prompted by Islamophobia.

San Jose State University student Esra Altun, who was wearing a head scarf, reported to police that she was attacked in the campus parking lot. Someone grabber her hijab and tried to choke her, but she was able to escape, reports 5KPIX.

Altun believes she was targeted because of her race and religion.

At San Diego State University, another female Muslim student was followed by two men who made comments about Donald Trump and Muslims before robbing her, reports NBC News. They stole her purse and car keys before running away. They then came back and stole her car while she was trying to get help.

Another Muslim woman at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette claimed to be attacked by two men – one who she claimed wore a white Trump hat. Local police say, however, that this third report was made up by the woman.

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