17 Security Tech Trends You’ll See at ASIS 2015

Check out the most captivating technologies that will be on display in Anaheim, Calif.
Published: September 25, 2015

The 61st ASIS Seminar and Exhibits will showcase some of the latest and greatest security products and technologies available on the market. Here is my take on what will be the most captivating technologies on display (in no particular order of importance) to help you keep score of what you see or as an FYI for those unable to attend:

1. Preconfigured Packages ― To better serve simpler end-user deployments, many manufacturers will continue to offer complete off-the-shelf system solutions, also known as kits or packages.

2. Open to Interoperable Possibilities ― Many vendors’ booths will look like rainbows of logos showing off how their products are officially interoperable with an array of other technology providers. This eases integration, even if the promise sometimes exceeds the field results. Open APIs and SDKs are seemingly available to all interested parties.

3. Affordable Advanced Technologies ― It’s become the standard products cycle for prices to plummet while features increase, producing very compelling value propositions at the end-user level.

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4. Video Views Access, Access Controls Video ― Several video surveillance manufacturers, particularly those with strong competencies in software development, are seizing additional opportunities on the access side. Expect to see more video vendors jumping into access control and those that already have expanding their lines. And it is also going the other way, too, with access vendors introducing video platforms and features.

5. Heads in the Cloud ― Less infrastructure costs, centralized storage and anywhere-access of security data are attractive drivers for end users to adopt cloud services. Several manufacturers are offering devices with cloud connectivity, some of them also offering the datacenter services to support it all.

6. Internet of Things (IoT) ― The quest to build everything with more intelligence and the ability to connect to the Internet as well as other devices will be a major theme at ASIS this year. The possibilities, including interconnecting building automation (BAS) with security, are endless.

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