11-Year-Old Accidentally Fires Handgun in Las Vegas Elementary School

A fifth grade student was taken into custody after he accidentally fired a handgun in a Las Vegas elementary school classroom April 22.

An 11-year-old was arrested April 22 after he fired a handgun in his elementary school as he was reaching into his backpack.

No one was hurt in the accidental firing at Deskin Elementary School in Las Vegas, but Clark County School District Police said there were several students nearby, according to the Las Vegas Sun.

The fifth grade student was preparing to leave for the day in a classroom when a .45-caliber gun went off inside his backpack, putting a hole in the student’s desk.

School staff isolated the student and he was taken into custody at a juvenile detention center. The student faces charges of possession of stolen property, gross misdemeanor counts of possession of a dangerous weapon on state property and discharging a firearm.

Although it is unclear how the boy got the gun, police said they are considering it stolen.

This is the eighth gun School District Police have recovered since July 1

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