Elpas Mother Bracelet Infant Protection System

The Elpas Mother Bracelet from Tyco Security Products is designed to ensure accuracy and security of mother-baby pairings and prevent mismatches and abductions.

Elpas, part of the Security Products business unit of Tyco, introduces the Elpas Mother Bracelet, a wearable electronic bracelet made for mothers and hospital staff in maternity departments.

According to the company, the Mother Bracelet is used to guarantee accuracy and security when pairing a mother and her baby, as well as preventing mismatches or infant abductions.

The Mother Bracelet goes with the RFID-enabled Elpas Charm, which provides real-time indoor positioning data to determine the location of an infant. Mothers or nurses can test the pairing at any time after the intial match. Once paired, a mother can bring her infant through protected exits without setting off alarms. The bracelet also has a wireless call button so mothers or nurses can call for assistance.

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