Explore the Stanley Healthcare Experience Center

The video shows Stanley Security’s products in a simulated hospital environment.

In an industry as complex and fluid as healthcare security, you can never do enough to develop solutions that meet the diverse needs of end users.

That’s why Stanley Security has created a state of the art Healthcare Experience Center in Waltham, Massachusetts to simulate the hospital environment as closely as possible.

The interactive center was designed as a replica of a hospital wing and is used to demonstrate the various uses of Stanley’s healthcare security offerings.

Complete with a front desk, x-ray room, infant care unit and more, the center is as realistic as you can get without filling the halls with sick people.

Stanley focuses on collaborating with its clients to develop effective solutions that can be deployed in diverse healthcare environments.

The center is just one way Stanley is striving to improve its range of services to assist healthcare facilities.

Click here to learn more about the company’s healthcare security offerings.

Now check out the video!

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