2 Univ. of Bridgeport Officers Save Suicidal Woman

Congratulations to University of Bridgeport Security Officer Roderick Roland and Sergeant Noel Richards, who are October’s Campus Safety Heroes!

Not only must campus public safety officers apprehend criminal suspects, they often are called on to assist individuals who may be experiencing behavioral health issues. That’s what happened when University of Bridgeport Security Officer Roderick Roland and Sergeant Noel Richards received information about a female who was acting irrationally in the early morning hours of Jan. 22.

According to University of Bridgeport Director of Security Joseph Della Monica who nominated Roland and Richards, the woman was only wearing a thin blanket and was walking through campus to the Long Island Sound area.

“She continued walking and conversing with the officers as she approached the sea wall,” he says. “The female gave no indication of self-harm and then, without warning, ran to the sea wall and jumped into Long Island Sound.”

The water temperature at the time was about 35 degrees, and the air temperature with the wind chill was well below zero. Despite this and without regard for their own safety, Roland and Richards dove into the water to rescue the woman. If the officers had not jumped in to save her, she would have only survived for a few minutes due to the frigid conditions.

Once she was back on shore, the woman thanked Richards and Roland for saving her life, and the officers put her in a security patrol vehicle so she would stay warm.

Their selfless, heroic efforts are why Officer Roderick Roland and Sergeant Noel Richards are October’s Campus Safety Heroes. Way to go guys!

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