How Will Your School Bus Drivers Respond to an Emergency on the Bus?

With repeated viewing of Campus Safety HQ’s new training scenarios, drivers develop skills to face problems that might occur.

Safety for students doesn’t begin once they are on campus or end when they leave campus. What if a child has a medical emergency while on the school bus? What if a student threatens another with a weapon during the ride? What if a noncustodial parent tries to board to take a child?

Bus drivers face the same types of emergencies and threats that can occur on a school campus.

To train them to handle these problems, Campus Safety HQ has added School Bus and Transportation Crisis Scenario Training to its library of training for security professionals.

Developed by Safe Havens International, the world’s largest campus safety center, the training uses realistic crisis scenarios that might occur when students are traveling by bus. By watching the videos and practicing how to react, participants develop successful approaches, giving them confidence to perform during a real situation.

With repeated viewing and planning, drivers develop the skills needed to face any problems that might occur. This training also inoculates them against sense of panic and bewilderment that someone without training might experience when first confronted with a crisis.

These training scenarios can help school transportation professionals understand practical and easy-to-apply concepts, including how to:

  • connect to students in a positive and professional manner to reduce the risk of attacks on transportation professionals
  • communicate more effectively under crisis conditions
  • improve documentation for school bus security situations
  • handle the stress of courtroom testimony, depositions and other legal proceedings
  • use the research-based concept of mental simulation to improve human performance under life-and-death stress
  • foster a safer and more productive transportation service and work environment

The course consists of scenario videos, staff training videos and assessment tools.

The School Bus and Transportation Crisis Scenario Training is just one part of Campus Safety HQ, the Community and Resource Headquarters for Campus Safety Trainers. The site presents easy-to-use, proven training methods developed by some of the top security experts in the country and is designed to improve the security of any campus.

Among the courses currently on Campus Safety HQ is The First 30 Seconds, 16 real-life school crisis scenarios designed to prepare all staff members to respond to threats and emergencies; our Active Shooter Course, Bomb Threat Protocols, leadership training through Leadercast Now and individual topics addressed at the 2016 Campus Safety Conference.

New programs are added each month to meet your training needs. Upcoming is a course titled 5 Layers of School Safety.

Find out more at Campus Safety HQ at

Campus Safety Online Training

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