Improving Hospital Security with Integrated Two-way Radios

Adopting digital radios and combining narrowband networks with Wi-Fi and cellular networks enable healthcare facilities to better protect their campuses and integrate their radios with smartphones, alarm systems and PCs.

Research shows that hospital employees, particularly those working in emergency departments and behavioral health units, experience much higher rates of workplace violence than individuals working in other occupations.

A digital two-way radio system system is a critical tool that can be adopted by healthcare facilities that want to provide optimal security and safety for their patients, visitors, staff, clinicians and security officers. With recent technological advances, these radios are used for more than simple voice communications. They can also support text messaging, GPS, location mapping and work order ticketing. In addition, they can integrate with fire, duress, heating and ventilation (HVAC) and other alarm systems, as well as smartphones, tablets and PCs. All of this interoperability provides a whole-campus approach to protection and communication.

Healthcare facilities that adopt advanced digital two-way radio technology are poised to not only improve response during major emergencies, but also mitigate incidents and improve productivity of security staff and other hospital workers.

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