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Annual Security Reports Are Due Soon! How Well Do You Know Your Clery “Stuff”?

Are you a campus public safety official responsible for compiling and distributing your school’s Annual Security Report? Take this quick quiz to test your ASR knowledge!

Annual Security Reports Are Due Soon! How Well Do You Know Your Clery “Stuff”?

While summer is typically a quieter time on college campuses, it can contrarily be a busy and stressful time for campus public safety officials responsible for compiling their institution’s Annual Security Reports (ASRs).

Under the Clery Act, all colleges and universities that receive federal funding are required to disseminate a public annual security report to employees and students each year. Each ASR must include statistics of campus crime, plus details about efforts taken by schools to improve campus safety.

ASRs must also include policy statements regarding crime reporting, campus facility security and access, law enforcement authority, incidents of alcohol and drug use and the prevention of and response to sexual assault, domestic or dating violence and stalking, according to The Clery Center.

With the deadline for submitting ASRs right around the corner, we thought we’d try and help by testing your knowledge on ASR requirements and deadlines. Take this quiz to see where you stand with your Clery/ASR knowledge!

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