8 Features To Look For Before Purchasing Your Software

Here are some pointers to help your campus select a records management software.

Here are some things to consider prior to selecting records management software:

  1. Test the software. A 30-day trial will help you and your security department decide if a product is right for your campus.
  2. Data extraction. Once you have entered data into the program, you should be able to easily extract it in the form of reports or other formats. Also, you should be able to transfer that data if you choose to change programs.
  3. SAFETY Act designated by the Department of Homeland Security. This provides important legal liability protections, meaning that your data is secured.
  4. Consider outright costs and additional fees. Can you purchase the software outright? If not, a lease program that requires a flat annual fee might be an acceptable alternative. Beware of extra maintenance costs or fees associated with software updates.
  5. Mobile applications. Can your campus security personnel access the software on iPads or other mobile devices?
  6. Incident trending. Can you use the software to view where crime is most prevalent on your campus?
  7. Customer service. What kind of service do you get from the company after you have purchased the software?
  8. An end user advisory group. Does the company look for input from its end users?

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