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Schools have been using lockdown protocols with success for the past 30 to 40 years. Acts of workplace violence, emergency room shootings, K-12 and higher education shooting rampages demonstrate the need for our campuses to have this lifesaving capability.

Read: Stopping Gangs One Child at a Time

Stopping Gangs One Child at a Time

With gang-related crime on the rise again, traditional law enforcement agencies have their hands full trying to combat this disturbing trend. Considering schools are often the recruiting grounds for new members, it makes sense that campuses do their part to discourage gang involvement.

FBI Seek Tips Leading to Author of Cheerleader Exploitation Threats

Tennessee Board Approves Random Drug Testing For Clubs, Band, Cheerleading

Read: Virtual Fun with Real-World Consequences

Virtual Fun with Real-World Consequences

With widespread usage of Web-based social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace at schools and colleges of all sizes, we’ve entered a new era in the evolution of stalking. Proactive campus safety professionals need to alert youth to the many unintended negative consequences of openly exchanging personal information.

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