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Campus Preparedness
April 25, 2017
Will your staff, teachers, administrators and clinicians respond effectively to an emergency on campus? Here’s how you can determine if they will take the right steps to save lives.

7 Signs a Weapon is Being Concealed
March 23, 2017
Visual indicators that an individual has a weapon often go undetected. Being able to identify those indicators gives you the ability to prevent an assault

Campus Safety Magazine March 2016 Issue
March 16, 2016
Weighing the Costs of Crime and Benefits of Technology

Campus Safety Magazine March 2015 Issue
March 05, 2015
Featuring: Identifying Pre-attack Indicators. Know the Signs of Someone Who Might Act Out.

How to Classify Burglaries Under the Clery Act
June 17, 2014
Aid for Colleges and Universities to Properly Classify and Count Burglary Reports