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Campus Safety’s Top 10 School Security Studies of 2016

Here are the 10 most compelling research studies CS covered this past year.

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Michele Gay, who lost her daughter in the 2012 Sandy Hook School tragedy, talks about her experience before, during and after the active shooter attack and how she is working to protect other children and K-12 campuses. By Michele Gay · May 22, 2017

The Moss Bluff Elementary shooting was accidental and the student shot is in stable condition. By CS Staff · May 16, 2017

Here are some of the lessons one Los Angeles K-12 campus learned when a police chase involving an armed suspect ended in front of the school. By Dr. Shannon Wasley · May 09, 2017

A Richmond Public Schools building shooting sent an employee to the hospital. No students were ever in any danger. By CS Staff · May 04, 2017

The apparent murder-suicide took place at North Lake College, and both the gunman and victim have died as a result of their injuries. By Robin Hattersley Gray · May 04, 2017

Authorities believe the motive for the campus shooting was drug-related. By Robin Hattersley Gray · May 04, 2017

North Park Elementary school has revised its visitor policy and will install classroom locks. By CS Staff · April 15, 2017

Emergency preparedness was not on many college's radar before the Virginia Tech shooting. We look back at how the emergency management industry has changed since April 16, 2007. By Zach Winn · April 13, 2017

North Park school officials were unaware of the gunman’s criminal past and victim’s concerns about him. By Robin Hattersley Gray · April 12, 2017

The shooting is a suspected murder-suicide involving estranged spouses. By Robin Hattersley Gray · April 10, 2017