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University Security

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We Want to Hear from You! Take the CS 2017 Emergency Notification Survey

CS Staff · March 22, 2017
Those who complete the survey will be entered into a drawing for the chance to win one of four $25 gift cards
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Robin Hattersley Gray · March 24, 2017
HB 51 would have changed how rapes would have been investigated and was opposed by sexual assault survivors and advocates.

Randy Atlas, Ph.D., FAIA, CPP · March 23, 2017
By adopting these elements, you’ll be able to prevent the entry of unauthorized individuals or delay their access until law enforcement can be summoned.

CS Staff · March 22, 2017
Campus police say the suspects left the scene in a stolen vehicle.

CS Staff · March 22, 2017
This summer’s 2017 Campus Safety Conferences offer two full days of K-12 and higher ed safety education, including expert forums, in-depth conference sessions, training workshops, hands-on training and multiple networking opportunities.

CS Staff · March 22, 2017
Those who complete the survey will be entered into a drawing for the chance to win one of four $25 gift cards

CS Staff · March 21, 2017
None of the Purdue University football players face criminal charges.

CS Staff · March 20, 2017
The suspect reportedly confessed to police that he committed the crime.

Zach Winn · March 20, 2017
Interviewing, vetting and ultimately hiring security officers and guards can be a difficult and time consuming process. School, hospital and college security officials must make the right choices when it comes to selecting guards and officers to improve school safety or hospital security. That means conducting extensive background checks to vet guards, working with the human resources department and training existing officers on how to take part in job interviews. In this article, Campus Safety goes inside the security guard hiring process at Gwinnett Health System to show an example of an effective program for security guard and officer departments.

CS Staff · March 16, 2017
The school is reviewing its policy for security fees during campus events.

CS Staff · March 16, 2017
The bill allows concealed carry permit holders to complete a training course and bring guns on college campuses.