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Campus Safety’s Top 10 School Security Studies of 2016

Robin Hattersley Gray · December 29, 2016
Here are the 10 most compelling research studies CS covered this past year.
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CS Staff · April 14, 2017
Some sexual assault behaviors were mislabelled by large percentages of people aged 18-34.

CS Staff · April 12, 2017
The findings reinforce expert recommendations about annual flu shots.

CS Staff · April 05, 2017
More than seven out of 10 schools, colleges and hospitals have acquired access control solutions over the past two years, but challenges with policies, buy-in and more persist.

CS Staff · March 28, 2017
sexual assault, rape, stalking, dating violence and other forms of sexual misconduct in the University of Texas was analyzed in a massive survey of students this year. UT officials say the survey is just one part of a larger analysis of sexual assault on college campuses in the system. UT System Chancellor William H. McRaven says transparency is important during the process.

Robin Hattersley Gray · March 26, 2017
One study has found that New York City’s recent student discipline reforms have negatively affected campus climate.

CS Staff · March 13, 2017
The results present a possible low-cost way schools can mitigate sexual violence.

CS Staff · March 08, 2017
Induced and natural earthquakes are forecast to be hundreds of times more likely than before 2008.

CS Staff · March 06, 2017
The report analyzed major depressive episodes by age, gender and race.

CS Staff · March 01, 2017
Only a small percentage of students deemed homeless are actually living on the street.

CS Staff · March 01, 2017
Doctors argue relaxed marijuana laws shouldn't result in relaxed attitudes toward teen drug use.