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We Want to Hear from You! Take the CS 2017 Emergency Notification Survey

CS Staff · March 22, 2017
Those who complete the survey will be entered into a drawing for the chance to win one of four $25 gift cards
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CS Staff · March 22, 2017
Those who complete the survey will be entered into a drawing for the chance to win one of four $25 gift cards

CS Staff · March 13, 2017
The results present a possible low-cost way schools can mitigate sexual violence.

CS Staff · March 08, 2017
Induced and natural earthquakes are forecast to be hundreds of times more likely than before 2008.

CS Staff · March 06, 2017
The report analyzed major depressive episodes by age, gender and race.

CS Staff · March 01, 2017
Only a small percentage of students deemed homeless are actually living on the street.

CS Staff · March 01, 2017
Doctors argue relaxed marijuana laws shouldn't result in relaxed attitudes toward teen drug use.

Zach Winn · February 28, 2017
The procedures the U.S. Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights goes through when responding to complaints of Title IX violations and sexual assault complaints are often unknown to the schools, universities and colleges being investigated. There are many things schools and universities must keep in mind when responding to sexual violence, dating violence or sexual harassment allegations. If administrators and school officials are aware of the Office for Civil Rights' procedures, they can be better prepared to respond when being investigated for Title IX noncompliance. The following article outlines the federal government's process for evaluating a Title IX complaint, investigating a school's Title IX compliance, and response to the investigation's findings. It also gives schools, colleges and universities their options each step of the way, including their right to enter into a resolution agreement or appeal the federal officials decision to pull federal funding from their institution.

CS Staff · February 14, 2017
The report began after a school district employee was charged for allegedly inappropriately texting a 13-year-old student.

CS Staff · February 06, 2017
Severe bully victimization was linked to worse academic performance and decreased school engagement.

CS Staff · February 01, 2017
The findings suggest a possible connection between school shootings and student concern over economic prospects.