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May 03, 2017
Will your staff, teachers, administrators and clinicians respond effectively to an emergency on campus? Here’s how you can determine if they will take the right steps to save lives.
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CS Staff · May 25, 2017
The total security software solution for your patrol and response department.

CS Staff · May 25, 2017
See your entries highlighted in the Campus Safety BEST Awards Gallery online

Robin Hattersley Gray · May 24, 2017
Role playing with school stakeholders is the first step to ensuring your emergency plans and procedures are effective.

Advertorial · May 23, 2017
Siemens' Desigo Mass Notification (MNEC) System helps Kent School reach all students across its 1,200-acre campus, increasing responsiveness and control.

Michele Gay · May 22, 2017
Michele Gay, who lost her daughter in the 2012 Sandy Hook School tragedy, talks about her experience before, during and after the active shooter attack and how she is working to protect other children and K-12 campuses.

CS Staff · May 19, 2017
The East Lampeter Police Department is investigating a Lancaster Mennonite School bus crash that injured 14 students.

CS Staff · May 19, 2017
Colgate University President Brian Casey ordered the review of the glue gun incident, which led to an active shooter report and a lockdown, to explore the role racial bias played.

Robin Hattersley Gray · May 19, 2017
“WannaCry” malware has affected more than 150 nations but appears to be slowing down.

Scott Goldfine · May 18, 2017
These useful tips will help you adopt better cybersecurity policies and practices.

CS Staff · May 18, 2017
Campus Safety HQ launches a new tool to help schools develop a comprehensive approach to safety and security situation.