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How the University of Georgia Embraces ‘Stop the Bleed’

Steve Harris and Dan Silk · December 07, 2016
UGA and its local public safety agencies are taking part in this national campaign, which encourages greater awareness of straightforward first aid strategies.
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CS Staff · February 27, 2017
Campus Safety HQ delivers action plans from leading experts on critical issues that help you train K-12 and higher education stakeholders how to respond to emergencies.

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This summer’s 2017 Campus Safety Conferences offer two full days of K-12 and higher ed safety education, including expert forums, in-depth conference sessions, training workshops, hands-on training and multiple networking opportunities.

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The heroes program honors the people who help make our campuses safer.

CS Staff · February 07, 2017
The student has been taken into custody and charged with attempted second degree murder.

Rick Amweg and Paul Denton · February 07, 2017
There are multiple theories for why campuses are being targeted.

CS Staff · February 03, 2017
President Donald Trump criticized UC Berkeley for cancelling the event and threatened to pull the university's federal funding.

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Check out the 11 healthcare, school and university public safety, security and emergency management pros who made the cut, as well as some of their notable achievements.

Rick Amweg and Paul Denton · February 01, 2017
Different definitions, a wide variety of terrorist motivations and changing tactics make addressing terrorism a challenge. Here’s a look at the current status of the terrorism threat at institutions of higher education.