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Getting More Bang for Your Emergency Notification Buck

Robin Hattersley Gray · October 17, 2016
Campus end users describe the strategies they’ve used to maximize the value of their alert systems and the benefits that have resulted from using this technology.
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CS Staff · January 13, 2017
The lawmakers hope to reverse the department's expansion under the Obama administration.

CS Staff · January 12, 2017
The new position will help the university system implement new sexual violence policies.

CS Staff · January 10, 2017
The campaign asks Betsy DeVos to uphold recent Title IX sexual misconduct guidance given to schools from the federal government.

CS Staff · December 28, 2016
The student had been expelled for two years over social media posts about his ex-girlfriend.

CS Staff · December 21, 2016
Sources say the leaked report played a role in the team's decision.

CS Staff · December 19, 2016
In this video, we hear about some of Bentley University's sexual assault policies.

CS Staff · December 19, 2016
Donald Trump’s presidency likely means changes in areas where the federal government has seen its role expand in recent years.

CS Staff · December 15, 2016
The estimate was announced at a recent press conference.

CS Staff · December 13, 2016
Transcripts would be marked only if a student is found to violate the college's sexual violence policy.

CS Staff · December 13, 2016
Right now you can view CS’ webinars on bomb threat protocols, security technology, weather plans, the vaping trend, student mental health issues, threat assessments and more.