Nurse Faces 90 Felony Charges in Patient ID Thefts

Cannon Tubb, who worked at five or more hospitals in the Denver area, has been charged with 90 felonies in an identity theft investigation. He used patient information to sign up for credit cards.

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DENVER — A nurse faces 90 felony charges in an identity theft investigation. Cannon Tubb, 30, worked at five or more hospitals in the Denver area.

While working at Platte Valley Medical Center, Tubb accessed Will Pierce’s patient record while Pierce was being treated for a wrist injury, 9 News reports. Later, Pierce received a MasterCard, Walmart card and a Discovery card he never applied for.

Less than 100 patients at Platte Valley were victims of Tubb, according to a hospital spokesperson. Tubb accessed 123 patient medical files at St. Antony North.

Tubb holds a medical license from Texas, where he was charged with using blank prescription forms for his own use. The misconduct did not appear in the national database until January 2011, at which point he had already committed more than 90 felonies in Colorado.

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