The Role of Access Control in Active Shooter Prevention and Response

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When done right, access control and lockdowns are some of the most effective ways a campus can prevent or, at the very least mitigate, an active shooter.

Access control is primarily prevention, while lockdown is primarily response once an intruder has breached your school or university perimeter. Both must be addressed in a campus security plan, as well as be supported by appropriate policies, procedures, equipment, technology, infrastructure, and training.

Additionally, a campus not only must be able to effectively keep intruders out. Whatever solutions are implemented must also quickly allow first responders in so they can neutralize the threat and render aid to victims.

In his presentation, long-time Campus Safety contributor and retired Northern Virginia Community College Police Lieutenant John Weinstein will discuss how schools and universities can implement appropriate access control and lockdown solutions, training, and procedures to mitigate, and possibly even prevent an active shooter from darkening your campus doorstep.

Webcast attendees will learn:

  • The seven reasons why most campus active shooter plans are deficient and ways to address those gaps
  • How to develop a strategy that effectively takes into consideration campus infrastructure, layout, doors, frames, locks, security cameras, and more
  • The written policies and procedures needed for an effective active shooter prevention, response, mitigation, and recovery plan
  • The training, exercises, and drills needed so staff and students will know how to respond


John Weinstein
John Weinstein
Retired Senior Police Commander

Dr. and Lt. John Weinstein retired as a senior police commander at one of the country’s largest institutions of higher education where, in addition to other responsibilities, he directed officer and college-wide active incident response training and community outreach. He is a popular national and international speaker and is widely published on many institutional and municipal law enforcement matters. Weinstein also consults with Dusseau-Solutions on active incident and all-hazard topics involving schools, churches, businesses and other public venues.

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