Getting Buy-in for Your FY24 Campus Safety Strategy

Join this free webinar to learn about the role of strategic planning as it relates to campus safety initiatives, the challenges of adopting new technologies, and the importance of securing leadership buy-in for safety investments.

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In this webinar, our panel of experts will dissect the multifaceted approach required for emergency managers and university officials to review, plan, and budget for the upcoming academic school year. We will navigate the strategic pathways towards bolstering campus safety, focusing on the integration of cutting-edge technologies and ensuring cost-effective safety solutions.

We’ll discuss the critical role of strategic planning, the challenges of adopting new technologies, and the importance of securing leadership buy-in for safety investments. Emphasizing the need for effective emergency communication strategies and the value of partnerships, we aim to offer insights into creating a resilient safety infrastructure.

This session is designed to equip higher education emergency managers and university officials with the tools and knowledge to enhance campus safety, foster collaborative efforts, and efficiently utilize resources for the betterment of their communities.

Key Takeaways:

  • Strategic Safety Planning: Effective campus safety requires a strategic approach, incorporating risk assessment and the integration of cutting-edge technologies with existing protocols.
  • Cost-Effective Safety Solutions: Identifying and implementing cost-effective safety solutions demand cross-departmental collaboration and exploration of shared resources to maximize the value of investments.
  • Importance of Training and Maintenance: Investing in new safety systems entails not just upfront costs but also the ongoing expenses of training and maintenance to ensure long-term effectiveness and reliability.
  • Building a Case for Investment: Convincing leadership to invest in campus safety initiatives requires a well-articulated value proposition that highlights not only the financial but also the societal benefits of enhanced safety measures.
Zack Borst
Zack Borst
Chief of Strategy/Emergency Manager, Doberman Emergency Management

Zack Borst, a forward-thinking strategist and emergency management expert at Doberman Emergency Management and The Readiness Lab. Zack’s expertise spans from local to state levels and higher education, to specialized roles in urban search and rescue and the Air National Guard. In his role, Zack spearheads the adoption of cutting-edge technologies and innovative strategies, such as artificial intelligence and immersive training experiences, to enhance emergency preparedness and response across the nation. His approach not only advances the field of emergency management but also sets new standards for effective and technologically empowered responses, making him a key figure in shaping the future of readiness.

Courtney Carlock
Courtney Carlock
Head of Analyst Relations, Everbridge

Courtney Carlock is the Head of Analyst Relations at Everbridge, adept at fostering strategic partnerships between organizations and industry analysts. Her expertise spans across various analyst firms, and she specializes in industry evaluations, commissioned studies, and the relationship element of both the learn and the earn side of AR. In her role, Courtney focuses on discovering comprehensive market insights, enhancing brand visibility, and shaping positive perceptions within the analyst community.

robin hattersley headshotRobin Hattersley
Editor-in-Chief, Campus Safety

Robin has been covering the security and campus law enforcement industries since 1998 and is a specialist in school, university and hospital security, public safety and emergency management, as well as emerging technologies and systems integration. She joined CS in 2005 and has authored award-winning editorial on campus law enforcement and security funding, officer recruitment and retention, access control, IP video, network integration, event management, crime trends, the Clery Act, Title IX compliance, sexual assault, dating abuse, emergency communications, incident management software and more. Robin has been featured on national and local media outlets and was formerly associate editor for the trade publication Security Sales & Integration. She obtained her undergraduate degree in history from California State University, Long Beach.


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