Implementation Strategies & Lessons for Frictionless Weapons Screening in Schools

This free webinar will examine the successes and hurdles of patron screening for schools and campuses, and will dive deep into the evolving threats that schools face as well as detail how to overcome some of these challenges.

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Schools face increasing pressure to maintain a safe and secure environment for students and staff. This raises complex questions about how to identify and address potential threats without compromising the welcoming atmosphere essential to learning. Patron screening for weapons can help, but choosing the right technology and implementing it effectively presents unique challenges.

This webinar dips into real-world examples of patron screening in schools, examining the successes, the hurdles, and the lessons learned. Our experts will discuss the evolving security landscape and how schools can select the appropriate screening solutions to match their specific needs.

Key Takeaways:

  • Discuss the evolving landscape of threats faced by schools
  • Discover how to choose the right technology solutions to match your security needs
  • Learn how to overcome common challenges and potential pitfalls of the buying journey
  • Understand the key factors for successful patron screening implementation in schools
  • Gain tips for building stakeholder support and ensuring a smooth roll-out process


Peter Evans
Peter Evans
CEO, Xtract One Technologies

Peter Evans has 25 years of experience leading organizations’ digital transformation and innovation activities for customers in the telecom, cloud, SaaS, and security industries, both cyber and physical. With Xtract One, Peter is bolstering the physical security technology industry while not only maintaining but improving the customer experience – not just Xtract One’s customers, but their customers also. With an understanding of the operational challenges their customers face, Peter is driving the organization towards delivering solutions that replace outdated systems, augment current technology, and enhance existing resources.

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