While most school districts nationwide acknowledge the need to improve their overall security, many are not taking full advantage of nor benefiting from new technologies that provide interoperability between individual security components.

Access control, video, and personal security systems are key to a well-defined security solution. How well these systems interact with each other not only affects day-to-day operational efficiencies, but also a school’s ability to prevent and respond to emergencies.

The primary goals of any security system are to protect students and staff, secure facilities, prevent emergency situations, and provide for a quick response during a crisis. This webinar will analyze the role of access control software as an integrated platform and examine how the following systems and activities can work together to improve day-to-day processes and reduce response time during a crisis:

  • Access control software
  • CCTV
  • Lockdown processes
  • WiFi locks
  • Teacher check-in
  • First responder access
  • Procedures and drills
  • Video analytics
  • Cyber security

 Key Takeaways:

  • Learn about evolving technologies in access control.
  • Understand the benefits of an integrated access control solution.
  • Discover ways that an integrated access control platform can improve response time during an emergency.


Geva Barash
Founder & CEO
Secure Our City

Geva Barash has worked in the physical security industry for the past 20 years. Prior to founding Secure Our City, he was a security systems integrator and managed companies that built security products and solutions using the best digital technologies on the market. Having both the manufacturer’s and the integrator’s points of view enables Geva to provide the most balanced and comprehensive security solution to customers.

He also served for nine years in the Israeli military and has been an active volunteer leader in several nonprofit efforts. For example, Geva led a group of 180+ parents within the Ashland, Mass., school system in reinstating the local library. In that project, he also implemented online reservation and asset management systems and directed multiple fundraising activities. In addition, Geva served as president of the Ashland Parent Teacher Organization and founded the Ashland High School Ski Team.