Titan HST Keeps You Connected During Times of Crisis

Titan HST makes sure you stay connected during weather emergencies with features like GPS, two-way communication and augmented reality.

Titan HST, a leading provider of next-gen emergency response systems, allows businesses to stay connected with their employees and customers in times of crisis, like weather emergencies, allowing them to provide the proper help and services needed.

Extreme weather scenarios such as localized flooding, wildfires, blizzards, earthquakes, hurricanes, and tornados are becoming realities for countless people across the country

Titan HST’s cross-platform solution includes a variety of features that ensure you have confidence in any emergency. Schools and hospitals can improve emergency response times and enable efficient incident resolutions.

Broadcast Notifications

Titan’s system can serve as a storm warning system through its broadcast feature, which allows system administrators to send mass broadcast messages, photos and videos to users to better inform and instruct them on how to stay safe.

Safety Status

Titan HST’s system allows administrators to check the safety status of their users, see who needs help, and using GPS services, triangulate where the person who is requesting help is located.

Two-Way Communication & Real-Time Translation:

Two-way communication and multi-lingual, real-time translation allow users to speak to first responders or system administrators to tell them the specifics of their emergency and get help immediately. Titan HST currently supports nearly a dozen languages, including, English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese and Arabic.

Augmented Reality

Titan HST’s augmented reality feature allows firefighters to locate users in no visibility situations such as under rubble, through smoke or through walls to save as many victims as they can.

Mesh Networking

Weather catastrophes can destroy infrastructures and normal forms of communication may be unreliable. When cellular towers are down, and Wi-Fi isn’t accessible, Titan HST’s mesh networking technology allows users to link to nearby phones and communicate vital information, helping restore order and keep the right people informed to deploy help, save lives, and mitigate property damage.

For more information on Titan HST’s next-gen emergency response system, please visit https://www.titanhst.com.


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