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Cawood Assessment Grids

Proactive Prevention: The TIPS/Cawood Assessment & Response Grids are critically needed tools for evaluating at-risk individuals and identifying potential aggression/violence risks.

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Is your organization equipped to proactively identify concerning behaviors and objectively assess at-risk individuals BEFORE they escalate into an incident or tragedy?

As tragic stories of violence and suicide continue to mount nation-wide; schools, colleges and organizations must update their conventional approaches with next generation threat assessment solutions to proactively identify, investigate, assess and intervene with students and/or employees who show signs of distress, aggression and violence.

Awareity’s Next Generation Prevention Platform (TIPS) is equipping Threat Assessment and Behavioral Intervention Teams with the right tools to get the right information to the right people in the right places at the right times…so actions can be taken right away. 

Awareity’s TIPS prevention platform is taking threat assessment to the next generation level with the Cawood Assessment & Response Grids.  The Cawood Grids offer an empirically based methodology to identify behavior of concern and provide a means to quantify the current potential risk of violence, both initially and after new behaviors are noted.  This methodology is not available in other platforms and provides team members with a means to prioritize cases, resources use, and proactive intervention. The Cawood Grids also include responses you can assign to individuals to ensure follow-up actions occur.

Three Most Important Product Features:

  • An objective and empirically based methodology to identify, assess and quantify the current and ongoing potential risk of violence
  • Legal-ready documentation for compliance, internal controls, due diligence and validations of intervention and response actions that were taken
  • A central, secure, online platform to collect all incident reports, coordinate assessment team actions, connect related incident reports, set reminders, escalate at-risk situations to internal/external resources and monitor all related and ongoing actions.

Proactive Prevention saves lives, reputations and budgets.  Pre-incident indicators exist in nearly every shooting, stabbing, abuse and other violent tragedies, but unfortunately the information is not always shared with the right people in the right place at the right time.  With the TIPS prevention platform and Cawood Assessment Grids, colleges are better equipped to assess concerning behaviors and potential risk of violence.  The Assessment & Response Grids ensure team members (Law enforcement, Mental Health, Student Services, Threat Assessment Team, etc.) are on the same page and working together to formulate and execute effective, proactive prevention responses in real time.

Proactive Prevention: The TIPS/Cawood Assessment & Response Grids are critically needed tools for evaluating at-risk individuals and identifying potential aggression/violence risks. The Cawood Grids provide an empirically based methodology to help determine effective intervention and prevention actions and TIPS provides the right tools to connect all the right dots.

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