ASIS 2017 Spotlight on Zenitel: Are Your Campus Communications Clear?

Zenitel’s Pulse, a communications platform that improves the intelligibility of campus communications, was showcased at ASIS last week.

ASIS 2017 Spotlight on Zenitel: Are Your Campus Communications Clear?

The product is delivered through a variety of Zenitel audio stations as well as IP PA systems with a focus on out-of-the-box, easy-to-use features.

Schools, universities and hospitals want immediate and intelligible communications whenever there is a need. That need could involve an incident, lobby door access, emergency notification, identity verification, interdepartmental communications or event announcements. Healthcare and educational campuses are also looking for their technologies to be cyber secure, as well as interoperate with other systems, such as access control, video surveillance and two-way radio systems. Historically, the challenge for many hospitals, schools and universities, however, has been the poor sound quality and clarity of their communications technologies.

Intelligent Communications Platform Addresses These Issues

The solution to this problem is Pulse — the Intelligent Communications Platform from Vingtor-Stentofon by Zenitel Group that was showcased at ASIS last week in Dallas. This IP distributed communications platform delivers the intelligibility campuses need so that announcements and communications can be heard and understood.

Pulse takes a unique approach towards IP intercom and public address systems that ensures high availability, scalability, reliability, maintainability and cyber defensibility. By reducing hardware to a minimum yet keeping the benefits of a centralized system server, organizations have more flexibility in scale and performance. There is no external server. Instead, any station can act as a server. With out-of-the-box enterprise intercom functionality up to 3,000 stations, Pulse becomes the new standard for highly scalable, cost efficient and effective communications solutions.

Pulse has also increased the scalability of the network by moving audio processing to the edge. This allows for simple, incremental growth without a negative impact on network bandwidth.  The native features of Zenitel’s intelligibility, such as noise reduction, automatic volume control, acoustic echo cancellation and event scripting are processed at the edge before audio is encoded.  The result is a highly scalable, robust, feature-rich solution unlike any other.

The product is delivered through a variety of Zenitel audio stations as well as IP PA systems with a focus on out-of-the-box, easy-to-use features, reducing implementation cost and risk. When configured as an IP PA, Pulse makes delivering voice audio possible with a simple press of the button.

Zenitel Has a Long History of Excellent Customer Service

What makes Pulse even more impressive is that it comes from Zenitel, which has a 70+ year track record of innovation and leadership in intelligent communications. Additionally, the company has a fully vetted partner program that assures any integration is supported over the long haul.


Zenitel has a whole host of intelligible, interoperable communications solutions.

At ASIS, Zenitel showcased its wide range of intelligent communication devices that are compatible with Pulse, such as their Turbine Compact Video Series. These audio/video stations have cameras that provide excellent low-light performance and draw power from 802.3 a-f PoE and use a single IP address for both audio and video.

The top challenge for any campus is defining the evaluation criteria to measure intelligibility, interoperability and IT’s demand for defensibility, maintainability, reliability, and scalability. Zenitel can help hospitals, schools and universities get connected to subject matter experts to help evaluate and fulfill the campus’ communication needs.

“We would encourage them to conduct an assessment using the appropriate outside consultancy or we can provide them guidance to their internal assessment team”, said Jim Hoffpauir, president of Zenitel USA. “This will help them identify the need, the risk, the evaluation criteria and the ROI of mitigating the risk and adding to the operational efficiencies of the organization.”

First and foremost, Zenitel is focused on ending the practices that lead to “bad audio” and ultimately increase the risk to the campus. Campuses can reach out to the company at

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