Released November 2013, aptiQmobile is the first NFC solution for access control on the market today


MSRP: 6.99

Released November 2013, aptiQmobile is the first NFC solution for access control on the market today – allowing administrators to issue credentials over-the-air to smartphones for use as virtual ID’s (just like a smartcard) for access control and other closed-loop payment activities… all with existing smart readers already in the market.

aptiQmobile is a unique solution that makes it simple for administrators to securely issue credentials to anyone, anywhere, without having to print badges or have the person present at the security office to hand them a plastic card.  It is as secure as a smart card, with the added security of users who are significantly more aware of their phone than their card or wallet at most times throughout a day.

While there has been discussion around using NFC for access control for years, this is the product that commercializes it and brings it to the market in a usable scenario.  Unlike other new technologies and products utilizing cell phones for access control aptiQmobile works with existing aptiQ smart card readers already installed, bringing the cost and complication of use down dramatically.

  • Convenience.  aptiQmobile turns an app on your phone into an ID card, providing the convenience of using a phone for access control and a variety of other applications.
  • Security.  aptiQmobile offers a higher level of security than the average ID card, including advanced encryption and an optional passcode screenlock to help ensure that sensitive data is not compromised.
  • Simplicity.  With aptiQmobile, a user can easily be added immediately through the cloud. This gives the administrator an easy way to issue and manage credentials, and provides a simple and secure experience for the user.

aptiQmobile is the first NFC-based access control using existing wall-mounted aptiQ readers, so there is no need to replace or rewire reader hardware on the wall.  aptiQ smart card readers are already prevalent in the market, so any customer that has these installed can just start issuing credentials to phones using the appropriate format structure.  For new customers, aptiQ readers are multi-technology, and offer an easy way to migrate from prox/magnetic stripe or smart cards to mobile. This also allows customers to use both cards and mobile credentials, if needed.

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