10 Tips for Succeeding in Unified Communications Deployment

How best to bring the combination of voice, video, instant messaging and more to your organization.

In a world that is more connected than ever, organizations everywhere are exploring the benefits of migrating to a unified communications (UC) solution. UC is an all-encompassing set of tools for your organization that allows for you to connect via voice, video, and instant messaging in a collaborative environment from anywhere you are, just as long as you are connected to the network.

Simple enough right?

Well, maybe it sounds simple, but in the end the ability to make all of these capabilities work together isn’t actually that easy. It takes many pieces of technology to bring up a UC platform within an organization. However, there is good news. A successful UC deployment won’t elude you – you just have to know the right steps to take.
Here are 10 tips for success in UC deployment.

Cross Functional Input

Even before your first thought about which platform you want to embrace or which partners you want to talk to, you have to realize that UC for any organization is a major project and often it is a complete change from the way staff operates currently. Too many times new technology rollouts are decided in a vacuum and then forced upon the user population. While I certainly don’t recommend an attempt to gather consensus on every feature and function, what I do recommend is that you determine your most important communication needs as well as the use cases of personnel in different roles. Do this first then take the next steps towards choosing an UC system. This will make the rest of the process more manageable.


The availability of bandwidth has changed everything. At one time the idea of VoIP handling hundreds of voice calls using precious bandwidth seemed questionable. But with the steady proliferation of fiber offering five, 10 or even 25 times more bandwidth than a T1, bandwidth is more readily available than ever before. Therefore, the options that you have for UC are almost limitless. The availability of this network resource should be explored early in the process to determine not only what bandwidth you have operating your websites today, but what you could have if additional bandwidth opened doors to more flexible and powerful solutions.

One major note of consideration is to make sure that bandwidth is coupled with properly configured Quality of Service (QOS) on the routers at each site. (QOS allows for you to prioritize specific applications, including your voice and related applications. This way any inconsistencies in your Internet service does not impact your call quality.) Despite its assistance, massive bandwidth doesn’t guarantee a great communication system. Properly configuring the system will be the key to leveraging that bandwidth for maximum usability.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Does your organization desire or intend to support devices that aren’t company issued? BYOD is one of the hottest technology discussions today. Many workers, especially younger workers, are looking to use their often more powerful tools for workplace productivity. This presents opportunities for additional work to get done but can be a nightmare for technology leaders. If BYOD is in the plan, make sure that security considerations are made as well as policies that make these devices are used as intended.

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