Student Health

High School Football Player Killed By Head Injury

Sex Offender Served as Umpire at Youth Soft Ball Games

U of Colo. Offers Mental Health Screening

Read: How to Evacuate Students With Cerebral Palsy

How to Evacuate Students With Cerebral Palsy

A physical therapist explains common disabilities and how they affect school bus emergency evacuations. This article, focusing on students with cerebral palsy, is the first in a series.

Student Claims Principal Assaulted Him Over Pro-Gay T-Shirt

Study: 70 Percent of High Schoolers Not Getting Enough Sleep

Mother of Shooting Victim Files Lawsuit Against District

Study: Only 2 Percent of Perishables in Preschoolers’ Lunches Are Safe to Eat

U. of Colo. Freshmen Must Take Online Alcohol Education Course

Meth on Campus Leads to Teacher, Principal Suspension

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