Allen Univ. Awarded $20,000 Security In-Kind Grant

The South Carolina University will be getting 16 surveillance cameras.

Dept. of Ed Awards School Safety and Climate Grants

The more than $70 million that has been awarded is designed to make schools safer, reduce gun violence and improve mental health services.

Read: Understanding the Costs of Digital Signage

Understanding the Costs of Digital Signage

Pittsburgh Surveillance Cameras Shut Down Due to Unpaid Bill

K-12 Technology Grants: A Guide to Getting Money for 2013-2014

There are plenty of tech grants out there for the taking. We dissect where to go and how to get them.

City Council Wants Oregon State U. to Pay for Police

‘You Said What?’ Let’s Cut the Jargon Already

Improve you public safety initiatives’ chances of success by eliminating niche-specific lingo and communicating clearly with others who are on campus and in your surrounding community.

Read: Experts Tell How to Best Protect Our Schools

Experts Tell How to Best Protect Our Schools

These electronic security specialists discuss blending technology and personnel to properly secure a K-12 campus.

K-12 Schools Must Make Security Changes Now

The mass shooting at Newtown,Conn., proves we must revise our policies on gun control, mental health, parenting, access control, training and funding for security.

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