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Student Data Privacy Higher Education

Navigating Student Data Privacy in Higher Education

Safeguarding student data and fostering trust around data collection demands a comprehensive approach with robust security measures, strict…

Insights May 15
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Report: 10 Essential Actions to Improve School Safety

Here are the recommendations from COPS on school safety and a summary of their findings.

News March 8
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de-escalation training

Tabletop Exercise: Loud Voices, Smell of Alcohol Coming from Main Office

In this real-life incident, the school secretary was in her first year and had not received de-escalation training.…

News February 5
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Cybersecurity Researcher Finds School Shooting Emergency Plans Exposed Online

The records were accessible to the public online and included highly sensitive school emergency planning and security documents.

News January 16
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Teacher Communication

Safeguarding Education: Navigating Privacy and Compliance in Teacher Communications

Schools must look to contemporary solutions that offer protected communication channels between teachers, students, and parents while safeguarding…

Insights November 27
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AI, artificial intelligence

New Biden Executive Order Aims to Address AI Security, Privacy Risks

The new executive order acknowledged AI’s positive potential while also warning that “irresponsible use could exacerbate societal harms.”

News November 3
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schools, FERPA, threats, threat, school, security

Opinion: When Schools Leave Parents in the Dark About Security

Schools need to understand the limitations and requirements of FERPA to avoid misinterpreting it.

Insights April 24
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cybersecurity, cyberattacks, security, Sophos

Nearly All Organizations Experienced a Cyberattack in 2022

Despite most organizations being attacked at least once last year, 93% aren’t keeping up with their cybersecurity essentials.

News April 13
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Ransomware Gangs Release Naked Photos

Ransomware Gangs Release Naked Photos of Cancer Patients, Student Sexual Assault Records

Cybersecurity experts say ransomware groups are going to extremes as more organizations refuse to pay ransoms.

News March 17
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