Know it’s Safer, Show it’s Safer

It’s time to safely bring people back to campuses while addressing new challenges. Honeywell has social distancing, mask detection, thermal screening, frictionless access and people counting solutions to make campus buildings safer and healthier, and help you meet and sustain compliance to new policies.
Published: December 15, 2020

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Reduce Building Risk To Secure Business Opportunities

Stay compliant and reassure occupants, even as conditions change. Adapting integrated security to your healthy building strategy increases oversight and control of critical health, safety and security factors. This can help you sustain compliance amidst changing building standards, safety guidelines and regulations, as well as your own risk-management policies. And integrated monitoring gives you the information to show occupants, transparently, that your site is safe to use.

Create Continuity

Business continuity is critical in uncertain times. Improving your safety and security posture to address building health concerns and comply to new regulations can help your organization manage through changing situations and reassure occupants that your building is safer.

Improve Awareness

The safety and security of a healthy building includes physical property protection as well improving situational awareness to monitor and detect non-compliance or address instances of possible exposure to a contagion. Using building management and integrated security systems help ensure proper monitoring and compliance with occupancy density, social distancing and space sanitation.

Minimize Risk

Technology that provides real-time data can help building owners minimize potential risks of contamination and improve compliance with new and changing regulations. Integrated security systems can also help building owners manage people flow and people counting, thermal temperature screening, detect proper mask usage, and trace potential contact exposure.

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Smart Monitoring That Goes Beyond Physical Security

The Safety & Security package features hardware and software that can help building owners minimize risk by monitoring, detecting and responding to potential issues using integrated security tools:

People Flow Reporting: Manage people flow on your premises by automating access control based on privileges. Work with us to find out how sophisticated analytics deliver the required functionality to solve your problems.

People Counting: Reduce the number of front line personnel by monitoring the number of people in and out of your building using video analytics.

Mask and Thermal Temperature Screening: Minimize potential exposure by screening for face mask compliance and elevated body temperatures at entrances, controlling access based on specific parameters.

Touchless or Frictionless Access Control: Control building access based on mobile credentials, zero-contact biometrics and facial recognition software. Work with us to learn how integrated security brings technologies together to deliver sophisticated solutions — from the simplest to the most challenging.

Contact Tracing and Social Distancing Analytics: Monitor and record occupant movement to enable contact tracing in case of exposure to contagions, and use automated, advanced analytics to reinforce social distancing compliance.

Proactive Property Protection: Use remote asset monitoring to manage security on empty or occupied premises to reduce false reporting and improve productivity with real-time alerts. These solutions also drive long-term operational cost savings and ROI, ask us to find out how.

Analytics: Deploy tools that monitor your building management system 24/7 to gain insights on indoor air quality and occupant behavior to help you quickly address issues.

Honeywell can help you get people back into safer and healthier buildings, and help you keep it that way.

Download the Safety & Security Healthy Buildings Brochure

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