IDIS Extends Its Lineup of NDAA-Compliant PTZ Cameras

These new NDAA-compliant 31x zoom models provide wide-area coverage and flawless image capture
Published: September 14, 2022

IDIS, the largest manufacturer of trusted South Korean-made video tech, has launched four new 8MP and 6MP PTZ cameras that deliver outstanding image quality and extend the company’s comprehensive and trusted NDAA-compliant line-up.

The new outdoor-ready and vandal-resistant 8MP (DC-S6881HRX and the (DC-S6881HRX-A) and 6MP (DC-S6681HRX and DC-S6681HRX-A) models combine infra-red (IR) technology with powerful 31x optical zoom, autofocus lenses, and 30 frames per second to provide broad coverage, even in low-light settings.

Designed for wide-area surveillance operations, the new models give users the ability to quickly verify security events, with the capability to clearly identify objects and recognize faces at distances of up to 300m for forensic purposes. This makes them ideal for town and city center surveillance, street junctions, parking areas, perimeter security, and open areas within shopping malls, sports facilities, hotels, logistics firms, and warehouses.

The cameras boast features including IDIS Smart Failover ensuring uninterrupted coverage; built-in heaters; IDIS Intelligent Codec to deliver bandwidth and storage savings; true WDR, and electronic image stabilization to minimize the impact of vibration and shaking.

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They also come equipped with motion detection, tampering alarms, and a range of smart PTZ features that can move between pre-set positions and zoom in automatically in response to detected objects or events.

Overcoming the challenges of jerky PTZ functionality, operators can also take advantage of award-winning IDIS Smart UX Controls, allowing them to smoothly and seamlessly follow moving objects in real-time with ground-breaking accuracy by panning at different speeds and in different directions, literally without lifting a finger. Patented and intuitive features include ‘Rubberband’ and ‘Slingshot’ using joysticks as well as keyboard and mouse ‘Quick Controls’ to significantly speed up and simplify operation.

Like all IDIS network cameras, the new 8MP and 6MP PTZs also benefit from simple plug-and-play connectivity with IDIS DirectIP® NVRs, saving time and money during installation and maintenance. They are all backed by extended warranties.

Users can choose the cost-free IDIS Center or the modular, enterprise-class IDIS Solution Suite video management software (VMS) that comes without on-going license fees, which all combine to deliver on the IDIS promise of a low total cost of ownership.

These newest additions to our line-up offer powerful and advanced camera choices designed to meet a broader range of applications, including wide-area surveillance and mission-critical perimeter detection. Because they’re NDAA-compliant, they are the ideal choice for organizations looking to comply with the highest standards and give users the assurance of supply chain integrity.

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