IDIS AI Solutions Go to the Head of the Class

Published: September 14, 2023

IDIS’ complete range of NDAA-compliant video surveillance solutions meet the security needs of school districts and campuses of all sizes. The range of NDAA-compliant, 5MP Edge AI cameras from IDIS makes valuable analytics functionality easier to deploy for a wider range of school settings than ever before. The cameras add AI capability to systems without adding ongoing license fees or device connection costs. This is a more affordable way for our nation’s schools to leverage the power of analytics than AI NVRs or analytics software. And, with the newly introduced IDIS all-in-one AI Box for Surveillance – the DV-1304-A – schools can gain impressive next-level value from their existing surveillance cameras. This compact, plug-in device enables a more preventative approach to security. It improves operational efficiency and exponentially advances the core functions of their security systems – including safety and incident response – all of which are key to protecting our nation’s schools.

Highly accurate, deep learning analytics is no longer the sole domain of large campuses. Now small to medium sized schools can reap the benefits of AI-powered video surveillance. The new, NDAA-compliant DV-1304-A is quick and easy to deploy as an add-on to new or existing IDIS systems. It provides users with all the benefits of AI-video through a simple and affordable 4-channel box, eliminating the need for analytics software. This latest AI box from IDIS allows highly accurate and multiple analyses from just a single camera without any need for calibration.  

Pre-installed with the IDIS Deep Learning Engine, the box can simply connect to compatible NVRs. Leveraging the power of DirectIP® plug-and-play technology, users can easily deploy additional boxes to expand their systems. This small but mighty box comes packed with essential AI functionality including object, intrusion, loitering and face detection, as well as line crossing. It is also scalable to meet the needs of larger educational institutions by simply adding more boxes so schools can maximize the value of their existing investments and take a proactive approach to strengthen security and safety.  

And it’s affordable – there are no upfront license fees, no maintenance agreements, no device connection costs, and no need to add edge cameras, upgrade VMS, or purchase additional sophisticated software. It works instantly with the cost-free IDIS VMS, IDIS Center, and adds AI capability to existing cameras or new systems. 

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The new range of NDAA-compliant, 5MP Edge AI cameras from IDIS are also a great fit for K-12 schools to target specific high-risk areas such as entrances, exits, parking lots, and stair wells. IDIS true plug-and-play technology makes valuable AI-powered analytics easier and more affordable to deploy. The cameras can be added to existing systems or become part of new systems without adding ongoing license fees or device connection costs.   

The cameras come with the assurance of NDAA-compliance, industry-best lifecycles backed up with extended warranties, and the reliability and robust performance expected of South Korean video technology.  

To learn more about how IDIS video tech can help elevate security and better protect students, faculty, staff, and visitors, please click here 

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