Empowering Your Campus Safety & Security Team to Do More with Less

Finally — A Solution That Allows Your Security Team to Add More Strategic Value Despite Fewer Resources
Published: December 8, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered many universities around the globe to reduce or even freeze security budgets. Ironically, this comes at a time when security operations have become all the more vital. Campus safety and security leaders across the globe are being asked to do more with less, and stretch their budgets without compromising security efforts. To tackle this challenge, public safety leadership is taking a hard look at how they can enhance the performance of their organization and boost the strategic value they provide to their university community.

In light of restrained resources, security leaders are challenging their teams to come up with capabilities that will enable them to act as a force multiplier in order to take on the latest round of challenges and incremental responsibilities they’re tasked with.

Looking beyond their own departments, campus security and safety teams are also looking to expand the value they can provide to their university or college. By transitioning from providing strictly tactical security to contributing strategic value to multiple departments across the university, public safety and campus police teams can position themselves as an essential member of the executive team who understands the big picture and delivers in pressure-packed situations with limited resources.

In order to do more with less, a thorough examination of current systems, equipment and technology is required. There are varying levels of overlap between system categories. It’s vital to focus on retaining and investing in multi-functional solutions that can check several boxes vs. a standalone, single-purpose service. Displacing some of these standalone systems can help generate the savings needed to invest in solutions that deliver maximum value to security departments as well as their broader organization.

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The selection and deployment of a unified campus security solution that can support multiple use cases for departments across an institution, while also providing campus police and emergency management teams with greater situational awareness, is precisely the type of force multiplier effect required to manage these challenging times.

Because the most valuable and expensive resource is staff, the need for tools that help protect and optimize how that staff is deployed is crucial. SafeZone® by CriticalArc provides a common operating window of the location, function and availability of all first responders across an entire campus. This security solution enables campus security leadership to quickly deploy proportionate resources to swiftly and effectively respond to a wide variety of critical incidents across their campus.

SafeZone® is the first all-in-one emergency and security management solution that empowers safety and security teams to streamline and strengthen their capacity to respond to incidents, optimize outcomes, fulfill duty of care, and mitigate risks

Leading universities around the world are choosing SafeZone® to enhance how they protect their community and increase the operational excellence of their team.

To add more strategic value across your university, and do more with less resources, take a moment to request a demo of SafeZone. Learn how we can help empower your team to do more with less by maintaining current responsibilities and enhancing your ability to more effectively coordinate resources and respond to critical incidents.

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