ASIS 2017 Spotlight on Securitron’s M680E Magnalock with EcoMag Technology

Securitron showcased its Magnalock with EcoMag technology offerings at ASIS 2017.
Published: October 2, 2017

At this year’s ASIS convention held last week in Dallas, lock and door hardware provider Securitron showcased its latest product offerings. In this Q&A conducted with Campus Safety prior to ASIS, Securitron previewed what attendees could expect from the company at the show.

CS: What is the top product or offering you are showing off at ASIS 2017 for hospitals, schools or universities?

Securitron: We are excited to launch the M680E Magnalock with EcoMag technology at ASIS 2017. The M680E features increased static and dynamic holding force, an 80 percent decrease in average power draws, intelligent door prop sensing, and optional integrated PIR Request to Exit and/or Camera.

CS: How does it benefit a school, university or hospital? Why should they buy your product or service?

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Securitron: The M680 offers a variety of benefits to schools and hospitals. The concept for the M680 began with aesthetics. Hospitals and historic buildings on school campuses are looking to add access control while maintaining their visual appeal. M680E’s sleek lines fight the traditional maglock “brick” design at the door. Additionally, the M680E reduces power consumption by up to 80 percent, lowering the cost of operation when compared to a traditional magnetic lock. Our innovative magnet and strike templates make installation faster than ever, reducing the number of man-hours required for installation and drastically reducing the chance for misalignment of the strike and magnet. All of these features are offered at the same price as the last generation of M680 products, making the payback period instantaneous.

CS: Are there other reasons why campuses should choose to work with your company, such as customer service, easy integration with other systems and/or other cool features?

Securitron: All Securitron Magnalocks are backed by our industry-leading MagnaCare Warranty. MagnaCare is not just a lifetime warranty. It is also no-fault, no questions asked. If you are in possession of one of our covered products and it is not working, we will replace it. Additionally we have top notch customer and technical support teams that offer services such as free wiring diagrams for your job.

CS: What other products or offerings would you like to highlight, and what are some of qualities that differentiate them in the marketplace?

Securitron: The HES 1500 and 1600 Series electric strikes launched in April of this year and continue to receive rave reviews. Designed with the installer in mind, HES has compiled the best in class features of the HES 4500 and 1006 Series electric strikes to offer a NEW fully modular platform that ensures compatibility with ANY cylindrical or mortise lock with or without a deadbolt. Featuring an aesthetic low profile energy efficient design that utilizes interchangeable faceplates and accessories, it is capable of field adjustability by means of the industry’s first integrated shim for changing door conditions.

CS: What else is new or noteworthy about your company as the end of 2017 draws near? 

Securitron: ASSA ABLOY continues to be committed to sustainability, offering products that not only draw less power, but also strive to be free of red-list chemicals. We also provide materials transparency documentation so that consumers can make an informed decision as to the products that are going into their buildings. We’ve also taken steps to reduce the amount of materials in landfills by designing field repairable products, as well as making a foray into fully biodegradable packaging such as foam inserts made entirely of cornstarch.

CS: Looking ahead at 2018, what do you see as some of the top challenges facing hospitals, schools or universities?

Securitron: Hospitals, schools and universities strive to provide a safe and healthy environment for students and patients while fighting rapidly rising costs. On all of these fronts, ASSA ABLOY will continue to be a partner offering innovative, secure and sustainable door and locking solutions.

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