Window Glazing Offers 24/7 Cost-Effective Campus Protection

Riot Glass’ retrofit security glazing systems offer "invisible" security for school campuses.
Published: May 18, 2022

Traditional school security systems include alarms, surveillance, and access controls, which are useful, but they do not protect vulnerable glass doors and windows from shattering.

Look no further when deciding how to fortify and protect your school windows.

Riot Glass manufactures retrofit security glazing systems that provide significant forced entry and/or ballistic protection to any building. Our patented technologies can be installed into existing window and glass door systems to create highly effective glass protection that withstands the harshest environments.

Our systems have been dubbed “invisible board-ups” because they provide similar protection to a traditional board up while having no discernible effect on the appearance or functionality of your glazing.

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Riot Glass is an always-there solution that never needs to be removed. You will no longer need to put up and take down other reinforcements. From security infills to framing solutions, Riot Glass has the product to protect your campus, students and employees.

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