Why Is an Interoperable Credential Important for Your Campus?

Interoperable smart cards and mobile credentials can improve campus security and student satisfaction.

From mechanical keys to mobile devices, managing access is an essential piece of campus security. As colleges and universities continue to expand their electronic access control solutions, it’s important to evaluate credential platforms alongside locks and other hardware to provide a secure, interoperable, and convenient campus experience.

Almost as important as security is the interoperability of the credential. Smart and mobile credentials can have limited interoperability depending on the platform selected and may limit the available hardware options. Open platforms allow the end user to be the center of the solution and leverage a smart credential to work across different pieces of hardware and with a variety of applications. It is equally important to think beyond access control so the credential can be leveraged for more. Consider all the places around campus where students would benefit from using their campus ID—vending, bookstores, cafeterias and transportation. If the correct technology is chosen, a student can carry one credential to accomplish everything.

Not only does an open platform allow for freedom of choice, but it offers flexibility to keep, change or add different brands, products and technologies as they become available.  Allegion solutions offer you the choice to move forward with a portfolio of technologies, creating a safe, secure and convenient campus for your students, faculty and staff. Visit allegionmobilecampus.com for more information on solutions that fit your campus’ needs.

In this video, Allegion Vice President of PACs and OEM Business Rob Lydic talks about how these technologies are being adopted and what a college should consider when adopting a new credentialing platform.


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