Manage Remote Workers and Students Impacted by COVID-19 Using Mass Notification

With many students and employees studying or working from home, alert systems help campus leaders share vital information.

The coronavirus has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization, and campuses across the country are taking measures to prevent its spread. With many students and workers returning home, campus leaders need to share information, including health and safety tips and operational updates, to keep people informed. Mass notification offers a quick and easy way to reach large groups of people with critical messages.

Mass text messaging can reach people on mobile devices and request a confirmation response. This can help ensure people have read the message and can be used to keep track of whether people have been tested or are experiencing symptoms. Desktop notification can capture people’s attention with pop-up alerts to interrupt whatever they’re working on, forcing them to focus on an important communication.

Campuses also need to manage their ongoing response to the situation. Automatically launched conference calls and integrations with collaboration tools can make this process easier. Campus leaders can gather the right people, provide updates and determine next steps. No matter where someone is located, mass notification can make it easy to keep them safe and informed.

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